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Carlos Muñoz Pérez

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Licenciado en Letras, Universidad de Buenos Aires

Magíster en Asentamientos Humanos y Medio Ambiente, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Doctorado en Lingüística, Universidad de Buenos Aires

Investigación Posdoctoral: (2019-2021)

“Reconstruction and the directionality of syntactic derivations” 






“Reconstruction and the directionality of syntactic derivations”

This research project aims to reconceptualize the way syntactic derivations and movement dependencies are modeled within current generative syntax. Based on the reconstruction restriction known as Barss’ Generalization, the project advances that (i) derivations proceed in a top-down fashion, (ii) the internal structure of movement gaps is calculated by appealing to anaphoric mechanisms, and (iii) reconstruction manifests locality conditions. These hypotheses should allow to account for the distribution of anti-reconstruction patterns in a much more parsimonious way than traditional bottom-up derivations and copying procedures.

While research will be mostly based on secondary data, one of the aims of the project is to gather reconstruction patterns available in previous literature in a single database. Phenomena that are relevant to evaluate the working hypotheses and are not available in the database will be collected by appealing to surveys.

If the proposed hypotheses are on the right track, this system would show that a unified approach to construal and movement is desirable on empirical grounds. Moreover, such a result would be valuable not only for theoretical syntax, but for the language sciences in general, as translating the results of current generative grammar to top-down formalisms is considered by many to be a necessary step towards bridging the gap between theoretical and experimental linguistics.


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